Frontend, Backend, DevOps

Event discovery app for a Dutch market, available on iOS and Android. I was responsible for the whole backend side of the project, including also some Frontend administrative interfaces.



I was responsible for building user interface for the work time scheduling application.

Loyalty city card

Frontend, Backend

I created REST API for the mobile application, which was used for giving points for certain actions.

I also implemented dashboard-like interface for data analysis.

Angular FormCreator

Frontend, Backend

I created an editor in Angular.js for creating JSON-based configuration for interactive forms. The user could define control-flow based on the data entered in the form, as well as validation rules and display formats. Several hundreds forms have been successfully created using this component.



I designed and coded the layout based on Bootstrap for the primary school.

I also extended standard wordpress panel with plugins for importing and sharing time schedule of school classes.

Other projects...

  • mobile apps in PhoneGap/Cordova
  • integrations for marketing applications
  • wordpress plugins for online reservation system